Hong Kong – Markets

The Mong Kok area is home to the Bird Market, Goldfish Market and Flower Market; each boasting their own distinctive aromas and excitement.

You can get pre-bagged goldfish or mini turtles for 50 cents at the fish market. Turn the corner and you have the flower market, where the scents of flowers rush your nose holes.  I thought Suzie was going to come home with at least 5 orchids! Luckily there was no room in our hostel.

The Bird Market is a wonder to see. Also classified as a “bird sanctuary” so along with the birds in cages you have birds free which are there just there for the party! No need to get too sentimental though, the birds are well taken care of, getting grasshoppers with freshly clipped legs, baths with the shower head and “made on the spot” birdfeed.

Street markets with fresh veggies and fruit are hidden within busy shopping districts, and of course clothes are cheap! knock-off anything you can imagine… get your Hello Kitty fix here!




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