Hong Kong Snack Time – Dim Sum

For an authentic food experience, filled with history we needed to try Dim Sum. Dim Sum is the Cantonese word for Snack. Traditionally served from steamer baskets as bite sized food. Dim Sum includes various types of dumplings, steam buns, spring rolls and rice wrapped in Lotus leaf. The best things about Dim Sum are its traditions.

Dims Sum is always served with tea. When your teapot is empty, you must leave the lid open to signify that you’d like some more water. When re-filling tea, you must always serve the other person first, and as a gesture of thanks you tap your pointing finger to your thumb to signify a bow. This tradition comes from when the king and queen would go out for Dim Sum in public. It was a great honor to have his wife pour tea for him, so in a gesture of gratitude he would “bow” with his fingers to go un-noticed.

We took the time to source out one of Hong Kong’s oldest and most traditional Dim Sum Restaurants and it was totally worth it! The ambiance added a great experience to our “brunch”.

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One thought on “Hong Kong Snack Time – Dim Sum


    Great updates !! Enjoying the blogs, makes me feel as if i am there. Keep up the good work.

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