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A glimpse of Laos….

Slow Boat to Luang Prabang

Loading Zone

Snake Lady

Christmas Bowling in Laos…

Christmas Dinner!

Our Friend Kham

Off To Vietnam!

So it’s 2012. We’ve spent Christmas in Laos and New Year in Vietnam, so when I say that that it was a “glimpse” of Laos, that’s what it actually was. We hear it’s nice, and we’ll continue to believe that. We honestly feel like Laos has been that last piece of pizza that sits in the box and goes uneaten, only to be thrown out the next morning. What I mean is – It’s beautiful and tasty, we were just too full to enjoy it.

We took a slow boat from the border of Thailand down to Luang Prabang, watching river villages go about their daily chores like we didn’t even exist. Wonderful to see. Communities seeming to be untouched by the normal hussle. Fishing nets in the water, white sand beaches on the shore and kids running naked and free…hehe, no joke.

We arrived in Luang Prabang, got settled, and hit up the night market for some cobra whiskey… the real deal, and it tasted about as good as it sounded.

We rode bicycles around the town, which is a Unesco site in itself. We got up early to watch the monks receive their alms, and we visited a beautiful waterfall, which you could swing into from a handy rope swing.

We celebrated Christmas buy buying each other gifts from the market, wrapping them and putting them under our 1 foot tall tree. We ate turkey sandwiches, complete with gravy and stuffing – and listened to xmas tunage….

Sounds great! Why the complaining?…. to be fair, it was great… but we began to hit our “Wall”.

We’ve been travelling for awhile now and you tend to get tired. Different place every-night, your mind working overtime to catch the next scammer or save the next dollar. Your brain eventually goes into hibernation and you just assume EVERYONE is trying to scam you… which is “unfair and untrue you think”… until you get scammed again.

Most of the two days in the boat were spent reading the Gospel…the Lonely Planet of course. The rest was talking about budgets, and where to go next, where to fly to-from and when. We avoided Vang Vieng because we were trying so hard to miss the routine “Tourist route” (Yes we often forget that we’re tourists…) and although it offered some good climbing, we didn’t feel that we could squeeze it in.

That was followed up by long hours in the coffee shop trying to find “normal” food. Reconnecting with family and posting mad amounts of pictures to the internet…not to mention writing blogs…

Although that said, after taking a 30 minute tuk-tuk ride, to a deserted bowling alley in the middle of nowhere. And smoking copious amounts of Chinese cigarettes given to us by the bowling alley owner…don’t ask…we made friends.

We played a round with the owner, a few staff and then had beers with some nice guys from Germany. The next day we met our friend Kham and had lunch with him, learning a bit more about what it’s like to live in Laos.

After that glimpse, we we’re off…. time is ticking and their’s so much to see! We’re off to Vietnam to have a peak.

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Deep Water Soloing, Round 1- Tonsai. Flikr Album

Deep Water SoloingDeep Water Soloing - TonsaiDWS - Suzie from the boat, TonsaiDeep Water Solo - High SteppinDWS - Jordan making his way around the "toofa"DWS - Tonsai, Thailand
Going for a rideDWS - Jordan clinging to stoneDWS - Suzie in TonsaiGoing for a climb!Busy day at the cragThe Deep Water solo area

Deep Water Soloing, a set on Flickr.

Hey Everyone!
Yes we’re actually writing in our blog, and even posting some pictures!

This set is from our Deep Water Soloing adventure in Tonsai, Thailand.
Since then we’ve also been “Deeping” in Halong Bay Vietnam….pictures to come 🙂

Ps – Don’t mind the randomness of the posts right now, we’ll call it “mind spewing”. Just to get back in the groove.


Tonsai – A Thailand climbing mecca

First off, let me say that it’s been awhile since our last post and I apologize! We’ve probably lost the few followers we’ve had, but that’s fine – we’re writing this mostly so that when we’re old and senial we still have some recorded memories to cling to…assuming we can still work a computer!

Tonsai was one of our favorite places so far. We met tons of great people, climbing amazing karst cliffs daily, always pushing for higher grades. Our day went like this – wake up, eat, climb, chill with friends on Chicken Alley and repeat for as many days as needed. Staying in Tonsai for a month total we were just barely past the “short-timer” category. Just ask someone how long there in Tonsai for and you’ll get something like “Three months…..this year…”


Dum Dum is the local dog, Chicken Alley is where you eat – but if you get your BBQ from Nouy or Noi you better sit in there seats because you don’t want to start a turf war with Chicken Mama! 24 hr power does not exist…so neither does sleeping in when your fan shuts off. Hot showers are a thing of mystery and dreams. Monkeys are a thing of reality and nightmares. Reggae is a lifestyle and infections are, well….. infectious?

Quest spun fire, Zoe played the Uke, Josh stuck nails in his nose, Scott base-jumped we all tried to slackline and I learned to juggle….sounds a bit like circus school on the beach. And that’s what it was, “The Beach” minus that Decaprio fellow, and WAY more Banana shakes. Or say it with me now……DAN SPECIALS! Who is Dan? Who knows, but his shake caught on and now it’s a beach favorite…Dan if you’re reading this, thank you.

I hesitate to talk too much about Tonsai – for fear that you’ll go there. It’s not that you shouldn’t, but it’s a little piece of backpacker hangout that truly exists because it’s spread through word of mouth. It’s 90% climbers and the rest are there to hang-out, lose themselves with a book on the beach….and then eventually become a climber. It’s not a place you see too many Wheelie Suitcases.



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Thailand set 1

Koh PhagnanBanana PancakesTakraWhiskey or Gas?Lime and SodaCrrab dinner with locals
IMG_7997Thailand Starbucks!Releasing birds for good luck.Ready for LaunchWatAttention to detail
Getting into the customs

Thailand, a set on Flickr.

Hey guys and Gals! So here is a few pictures from our first visit to Thailand… it’s a sample of what we’ve taken so far.
Always more to come.


Free-Diving album from Flikr


Free-Diving, a set on Flickr.

Here’s a few pictures from our freediving adventure in Koh Tao Thailand. Cheers!