One breath, no tank – Free-diving in Thailand

Your body is a wonderland…did you know that?! Well, maybe not a wonderland, but definitely incredible. We took a two day Free-diving course with Apnea Total in Koh Tao just to see how far we could push ourselves.

Did you know that we only use a small portion of the oxygen in our blood stream and the urge to breath comes from a build-up of C02, not lack of oxygen?

Did you also know that when your brain tells your body it needs to breath you start to gulp or “convulse” and it’s perfectly safe to dive with convulsions…. Some people do it for three minutes or more, easily!

This is part of what we learned – as well as how to dive, on a SINGLE BREATH, no tanks, down to 20m (60 feet!)…pretty rad.

I’m not ashamed to admit I only made it to 14m and Suzie made it to 20m. The instructor tells me “Some people have a natural higher sense of self preservation than others”…. That’s the nicest way to call someone a wimp I’ve ever heard!


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