Deep Water Soloing, Round 1- Tonsai. Flikr Album

Deep Water SoloingDeep Water Soloing - TonsaiDWS - Suzie from the boat, TonsaiDeep Water Solo - High SteppinDWS - Jordan making his way around the "toofa"DWS - Tonsai, Thailand
Going for a rideDWS - Jordan clinging to stoneDWS - Suzie in TonsaiGoing for a climb!Busy day at the cragThe Deep Water solo area

Deep Water Soloing, a set on Flickr.

Hey Everyone!
Yes we’re actually writing in our blog, and even posting some pictures!

This set is from our Deep Water Soloing adventure in Tonsai, Thailand.
Since then we’ve also been “Deeping” in Halong Bay Vietnam….pictures to come đŸ™‚

Ps – Don’t mind the randomness of the posts right now, we’ll call it “mind spewing”. Just to get back in the groove.



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