Tonsai – A Thailand climbing mecca

First off, let me say that it’s been awhile since our last post and I apologize! We’ve probably lost the few followers we’ve had, but that’s fine – we’re writing this mostly so that when we’re old and senial we still have some recorded memories to cling to…assuming we can still work a computer!

Tonsai was one of our favorite places so far. We met tons of great people, climbing amazing karst cliffs daily, always pushing for higher grades. Our day went like this – wake up, eat, climb, chill with friends on Chicken Alley and repeat for as many days as needed. Staying in Tonsai for a month total we were just barely past the “short-timer” category. Just ask someone how long there in Tonsai for and you’ll get something like “Three months…..this year…”


Dum Dum is the local dog, Chicken Alley is where you eat – but if you get your BBQ from Nouy or Noi you better sit in there seats because you don’t want to start a turf war with Chicken Mama! 24 hr power does not exist…so neither does sleeping in when your fan shuts off. Hot showers are a thing of mystery and dreams. Monkeys are a thing of reality and nightmares. Reggae is a lifestyle and infections are, well….. infectious?

Quest spun fire, Zoe played the Uke, Josh stuck nails in his nose, Scott base-jumped we all tried to slackline and I learned to juggle….sounds a bit like circus school on the beach. And that’s what it was, “The Beach” minus that Decaprio fellow, and WAY more Banana shakes. Or say it with me now……DAN SPECIALS! Who is Dan? Who knows, but his shake caught on and now it’s a beach favorite…Dan if you’re reading this, thank you.

I hesitate to talk too much about Tonsai – for fear that you’ll go there. It’s not that you shouldn’t, but it’s a little piece of backpacker hangout that truly exists because it’s spread through word of mouth. It’s 90% climbers and the rest are there to hang-out, lose themselves with a book on the beach….and then eventually become a climber. It’s not a place you see too many Wheelie Suitcases.



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2 thoughts on “Tonsai – A Thailand climbing mecca

  1. Hah, random google search for Tonsai led me here, was looking through the photos and saw myself firedancing, then I realized it was who’s blog it was! Miss you guys!

    • Tibbo Travel says:

      Love it Quest, Great to hear from you! Miss the firedancing shows and all the smiles you put on our faces daily. Miss you too, have been catching the slack-line juggling. Keep it up!

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