Mmmm…Sushi, Strong Zero and Beef Bowl Nostalgia…

Amazing! They can turn a hallway into a restaurant – seriously small eateries serving up amazing food. The staple for us seemed to be Beef Bowls – but even the 7-11 served up some crazy full on meals (our favorite, 2$ sushi triangles washed down with Strong Zero).

One of our many favorite spots had to have been the stand up Sushi bar. Where there are no seats, you gather around the bar and make your order a few pieces at a time, he makes them fresh and then moves on to the next customer. You have a mug and each spot on the bar has it’s own hot water tap for you to make your own maccha tea. The best part is that we would order certain dishes and the chef would specifically tell us which ones NOT to put soya sauce on… now that’s pride in your work!

Everything from a machine.

Machines are slowly taking over the world in Japan..I’ve seen it.

You get your beer from machines, you order your meals from machines, you order your hotel rooms from machines, you pay for your Onsens with machines… there’s more, but you get the point.

Japan welcomed us from day one. We had high hopes for Japan and it did not disappoint. Their still is a deep and distinct Japanese culture alive today, which has melded enough with modern times to make it progressive but not lose itself in the westernization of the world. 

Octopus for sale at the famous Tokyo fish market

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2 thoughts on “Mmmm…Sushi, Strong Zero and Beef Bowl Nostalgia…

  1. Ian says:

    It is very funny I stumbled across this blog, as I read this I am enjoying a Strong zero, orange flavor and I have a lemon flavor in the fridge. It is washing down a sandwich from Lawsons, a quickie mart just like 7-11. Where ever you go here in Japan it seems that the chef has an extremely strong opinion on how you are to enjoy their food. I have been to several small “bars” where the owner, usually referred to as master, does not have soy sauce or salt/pepper readily available because what they cook should not need to be enhanced.

    • Tibbo Travel says:

      Love it Ian. Wishing I was back there with you enjoying some fine sushi from some great masters! We still have fond memories of grabbing a “coffee in a can” from Lawsons along with our other treats. Enjoy Japan, and the “rightfully so” strong willed chefs because they are truly masters of their domain. Enjoy the blog, we will be adding more on Japan in the future as we reflect on our experience. Cheers!

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