To Hirafu and Beyond!

Fresh Powder Heaven!!!

We fly to Hokkaido, Japan’s North Island looking for snow, and we weren’t disappointed. This year had been a record snowfall year, more snow than the past 50 years.

Niseko has many Ski/Snowboarding hills, we spent most of our time on Grand Hirafu and surrounding peaks. The inbounds routes were enough to keep you busy for a season for sure, but you need to be quick to get freshies before the powder junkies.

The out-of-bounds riding was wonderful. Basically where the patrol says “Yeah there’s some wicked riding back there, go for it…but you’re on your own…don’t be stupid”. Deemed “Slack-country” because it’s basically back-country that can be reach by chair-lift and a small hike (so for lazy people).

The terrain only has a few Avalanche spots, come to find out we rode directly above one of them – thankfully being smart enough to drop the ridge instead of pulling big air of the big fluffy cornice. (This is why we take Avalanche Courses!)

Our first days had sun, then snow, then snow, then more snow….this leads to riding for 10 days straight and telling your body every morning that rest days are overrated. They are.

Our Hostel

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One thought on “To Hirafu and Beyond!


    These photos and the blog are sooooo great !!! Feels like talking to you over the table. You certainly are having the adventure of a lifetime.6 months already.

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