Following in Frodo’s Footsteps – New Zealand

After trying for days when Archie, Kelly and Amy were here to do New Zealand’s “Best Day Hike in the World”, Tongariro Crossing, we finally gave up because of the awful weather.   They left and the forecast was perfect, unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, we had a cloudless day full of sun.

 The hike took us eight-and-a-half hours and we were impressed!  This is where Peter Jackson envisioned “Mt. Doom” and Frodo’s hellish journey to destroy the ring.  From climbing Mt. Nguaruhoe with its steaming vents and red rock crater to the sulphuric Emerald Lakes this hike is definitely going to be in our books as one of the best hikes in the world, too bad Frodo didn’t have time to enjoy his surroundings…

Starting the hike, 6:30 am!!!

Mt.Ngauruhoe, aka “Mt.Doom”

On the craters edge

Looking out to Blue Lake, where we will be in four-ish hours

Blue Lake

Emerald Lakes

Steaming vents on Mt.Doom

Injury from “scree running”, 2 hours up, 20 mins down…

View from the summit

Not a bad lunch spot

The wildlife

Red Crater

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3 thoughts on “Following in Frodo’s Footsteps – New Zealand

  1. OurBoler says:

    Amazing pictures!! Looks like no place I have ever been.

  2. Chantal says:

    Its nice to see pictures of Tongariro Crossing without a cloud in the sky. The weather had been bad for me as well…although were able to cross through…but missed a lot of the view. Thanks for sharing

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