Bucket List

A great “Bucket List” is never complete and is always expanding.

Check out our list and post comments below with suggestions of your own. Or, if you see something on the list that you have already done and we have not – throw some suggestions our way!

– Enjoy –


1 – Get a Sak Yant Tattoo (Thailand)

2 – Deep water solo climb (Complete)

3 – Visit the last Kalinga Tattoo artist (Philippines)

4 – Scuba dive with Sharks (Complete – Whale Sharks, Threshers, White Tip, Reef, Nurse sharks.. Woo Hoo! And none ate us!)

5 – Rock out a full moon party (Thailand) (Complete)

6 – Angkor Wat (Complete)

7 – Sheer a Sheep (NZ)

8 – Hike mount Tongariro (NZ) (And all its volcano goodness – Complete)

9 – Live in a van, down by the river (NZ) (Complete)

10 – Own an outdoor adventure company

11 – Run an Ironman

12 – Ride an elephant (Complete)

13 – Climb a 3000+ Meter Peak (Mount Cook – NZ)

14 – Throw a live grenade (just because…Cambodia… Opted for the AK-47 and the M60… more useful in a Zombie Apocalypse )

15 – Bet on a Cock-Fight (COMPLETE – And I won $2)

16 – Trek through the Himalayas (Complete)

17 – Learn to Free-Dive (Complete)

18 – Live with a Hill-tribe

19 – Own a horse

20 – Learn to cook at least 5 ethnic dishes (Done – Thailand)

21 – Climb a multi-pitch Route

22 – Paraglide, BASE Jump and/or Skydive

23 – Spear Fish (Philippines – Complete. Fish 1 us 0)

24 – Learn another Language. With English and French in our back pockets. What’s next? Suggestions? We’re thinking Japanese or German.

25 – La Tomatina and running with the bulls – Spain

26 – Greece – Climbing in Kalymnos

27 – Visit Ragistan India

This list is ever expanding…..


Leave your comments below!


4 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. You can swim with Tigers sharks, Reef sharks and Hammerheads in Fiji!! Let’s do it together! 😉

  2. Run a Half Marathon on the African Contenient – I’ll find it for you as well host you and your lovely wife if you’re interested.

    May 27th in Kigali, Rwanda or December in Cape Town, South Africa

    • Tibbo Travel says:

      What an offer! Thanks so much. Sadly this will have to wait as we’re spending most of our time (and money) in NZ right now. Cape Town is a place we’d love to visit though – Maybe we shall meet some day!

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