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To Hirafu and Beyond!

Fresh Powder Heaven!!!

We fly to Hokkaido, Japan’s North Island looking for snow, and we weren’t disappointed. This year had been a record snowfall year, more snow than the past 50 years.

Niseko has many Ski/Snowboarding hills, we spent most of our time on Grand Hirafu and surrounding peaks. The inbounds routes were enough to keep you busy for a season for sure, but you need to be quick to get freshies before the powder junkies.

The out-of-bounds riding was wonderful. Basically where the patrol says “Yeah there’s some wicked riding back there, go for it…but you’re on your own…don’t be stupid”. Deemed “Slack-country” because it’s basically back-country that can be reach by chair-lift and a small hike (so for lazy people).

The terrain only has a few Avalanche spots, come to find out we rode directly above one of them – thankfully being smart enough to drop the ridge instead of pulling big air of the big fluffy cornice. (This is why we take Avalanche Courses!)

Our first days had sun, then snow, then snow, then more snow….this leads to riding for 10 days straight and telling your body every morning that rest days are overrated. They are.

Our Hostel

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Hi!!! Arigatou gozaimasu!

Japan Friendliness

Japan has some of the cleanest streets and friendliest people I’ve ever met. People go out of their way to help you. They will drop what they’re doing, leave they’re store to point you in the right direction. Walk you down the street to your destination, Google Map the place is they can’t find it, and help you translate if you look stunned.

Getting off one subway Suzie forgot her gloves. A lady saw this, grabbed them, ran off of the subway to find us and return her gloves and then made an adventure movie leap back onto the subway before the doors closed. Now that’s gong out of your way to help!

They take your money with both hands and they bow. Even traffic controllers bow to cars when they stop for them – how polite!

There seems to be a sense of morality amongst even Japanese youth that we are beginning to lose grips on in Canada. Stealing is highly shameful, and shameful acts do not only affect the perpetrator but his or her entire family as well. Of course you can’t paint an entire culture with one brush, but each culture tends to have a general character… and that of Japan leans towards acceptance, honesty, helpfulness and compassion.

Angkor Temples, Siem Reap

Where the Killing Fields were a shaming memory in human history, the Temples of Angkor lie in Siem Reap as a source of  pride in the human race’s capabilities to create  architectural beauty.  Built by a number of kings that ruled the Khymer empire around 12th century, the temples are a mix of devotion to Hindi and Buddist deities.  Its hard to describe the awe striking beauty of the temples of Ankor, I’ll let the pictures do it justice. Jordan and I are not too interested in visiting temples for an extended amount of time and by day three we were still not completely “templed” out.  We did as much as we could from waking up at 4 am to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat, marveling at the Tomb Raider site of Ta Prohm, to listening to endless explanations from our guide of the various carvings and history of the temples.  One thing we did reallt appreciate was coming back to our hotel and lying by the pool after a long day of “templing”.

Deep Water Soloing, Round 1- Tonsai. Flikr Album

Deep Water SoloingDeep Water Soloing - TonsaiDWS - Suzie from the boat, TonsaiDeep Water Solo - High SteppinDWS - Jordan making his way around the "toofa"DWS - Tonsai, Thailand
Going for a rideDWS - Jordan clinging to stoneDWS - Suzie in TonsaiGoing for a climb!Busy day at the cragThe Deep Water solo area

Deep Water Soloing, a set on Flickr.

Hey Everyone!
Yes we’re actually writing in our blog, and even posting some pictures!

This set is from our Deep Water Soloing adventure in Tonsai, Thailand.
Since then we’ve also been “Deeping” in Halong Bay Vietnam….pictures to come 🙂

Ps – Don’t mind the randomness of the posts right now, we’ll call it “mind spewing”. Just to get back in the groove.


Thailand set 1

Koh PhagnanBanana PancakesTakraWhiskey or Gas?Lime and SodaCrrab dinner with locals
IMG_7997Thailand Starbucks!Releasing birds for good luck.Ready for LaunchWatAttention to detail
Getting into the customs

Thailand, a set on Flickr.

Hey guys and Gals! So here is a few pictures from our first visit to Thailand… it’s a sample of what we’ve taken so far.
Always more to come.