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Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon

Ho Chi Minh was where we learnt all about the Vietnam war.  We spent a day at the war museum looking at grisly pictures and trying to understand why the war even happened.  Another day was spent at the Chu-Chi tunnels.  It was fascinating to learn the tenacity of the Viet Cong in protecting their beliefs and land from their invaders who obviously had much superior weapons and supplies.  Crawling along the tunnels Jordan and I felt the squeeze and claustrophobia that many of the Viet Cong must have felt and we only went through the smaller tunnels.


Cat Ba – Halong Bay



Halong Bay  was spectacular with thousands of green clad islands jutting up from the sea.  Cat Ba was our home base and we loved our 5th floor room looking out at the boats and islands bathed in the golden light of sunset.



Our last day of 2011 was enjoyed by deepwater soloing and kayaking through the towering islands that dotted the bay.  The deepwater soloing was fantastic, absolutely freezing and well worth it!



Kayaking through the water villages was pretty cool too, imagine living on a house boat for your whole life!







French colonialism still left in the city

The city was a blur of millions of motorcycles among a few cars.  We witnessed 3 accidents in 2 days, just crossing the street was a blind act of faith.  This is how you cross a street in Vietnam:

1. You cross wherever and whenever you want.

2. You walk very slowly with no sudden movements.

3. You can close your eyes you can (it doesn’t’ really matter whether they are open or not)

4. You make your way to the other side with a brief prayer and complete faith in the motorcyclists skills at avoiding you.

Motorcycle traffic

We also had a 12 course meal, fine dining at it’s finest, dining on KING COBRA.   Deep fried snake skin, snake soup, snake spring rolls to name a few of the courses.  Not to mention Cobra heart given to Jordan to make him more virile…hmmm…

We got to pick the snake from a cage, you could pick weasels, ducks, and an assortment of caged animals.  An animal lovers nightmare.

Vietnam's food choices range from tasty to bizarre