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World Naked Bike Ride. Oh, New Zealand…

Not that choosing an outfit for the day ever takes that long but today it was a breeze, literally!

Suzie and I had been living the ultimate climbing bum lifestyle for a few weeks now in Golden Bay, NZ, when we came across a poster advertising the “World Naked Bike Ride”


With rides happening in San Francisco, London, New Zealand and South Africa to name a few, New Zealand alone pays host to rides in both the North and South Island. This ride aims to raise awareness on the over-use of fossil fuels and promote green-transportation and challenge the negative world-view on nudity.

Participation was free (Perfect!) aside from the cost of our rental bikes….yes we used rentals, HA! And overall I would estimate that there were about 30-40 participants there that day…including one unicyclist!


The day was sunny, which was better than the rain we had been seeing, so sunscreen was key…lots of it. Men, women and families all had a great time riding up and down the road waving and smiling to awestruck passer bys. Friends waited by the roadside with cameras and cheered us on as we rode by. Each biker was “un”dressed-up in whatever they wished. I chose a climbing harness since “safety” was another theme for the day, but others had full out superhero costumes, a wizard, Adam and Eve…or many with as little as a painted message on their back.


As we rode, we chatted with our naked neighbors and learned that laws on nudity in NZ are more relaxed than what it seems to be like in Canada. The nude police-man asked us about naked bike rides in Canada and we didn’t even have an answer! We thought “No Way!” But after a little internet digging we found out that Canada does indeed host a number of rides each year!

Go Canada! Check out bike rides coming up in both Toronto and Halifax, near June, and get riding!

Because as Suzie said, “ It’s funny how quickly you get comfortable riding your bike with a bunch of naked people you just met.”

And all for a good cause too!

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